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Stan Bradford

Stan Bradford

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12/11/11 09:23 AM #2    

Morrell Coleman

He never really got over Vietnam

08/04/15 12:09 AM #3    

Eddie Conyers

It was early June 1971, high school graduation just over and on my way to Gulf Shores with two of my buddies. A "GREAT"  time was going to be had, and it was, never realizing this would be the last time I would ever have a close connection with either of them.  Sadly, It always happens that way.

Eddie Conyers,  my buddies... Stan Bradford/Joe Judice. 

08/04/15 12:50 PM #4    

Thomas Graves

I remember how Stan practiced an "injury" if we had no time outs near the end of a game! I saw him twice in his later years and wouldn't have recognized him w/o seeing his name, I agree sadly Vietnam stayed with him. All vets need our prayers especially Vietnam era!

08/05/15 07:15 AM #5    

Mary Susan (Susie) Robinson (Rogers)

Stan was one of the ones that just made you feel good and happy when he said hello to you. 

He always had a kind word, I sure his pain is gone now!  Rest in Peace, and my God Bless all American Vets!


08/05/15 02:50 PM #6    

Dana Farmer (Maxwell)

So sorry he struggled with Vietnam "ghosts"(?) all his life. I appreciate the sacrifice he made to help make the USA safe from communism. Sorry he is gone; a sweet guy! Prayers for his family.

08/06/15 07:58 AM #7    

Paula Clark (Hurn)

War in any era is hard to overcome but Vietnam seemed to take many "prisoners" and held them captive for life. It is hard to know that Stan was one of them. He and many others sacrificed so much for our freedom and peaceful rest at night.  God bless Stan and all our military and service personnel. 

08/06/15 11:49 PM #8    

Lessie Burnum (Burford)

Rest in Peace Stan. And thank you for your sacrifice. I will always remember your smile.

08/07/15 01:37 PM #9    

Donna Case (Henn)

Didn't know Stan well, but always thought he was such a nice guy - and soooo good looking. I feel sad to know he was so harmed by the war. Blessings and prayers to his family. I see clients with deep scars from the military - who are forever changed emotionally, physically, and neurologically. Every soldier and Veteran needs our compassion, respect, and support. 

08/17/15 10:18 AM #10    

Talty O'Connor

Sometimes we may treat star athletes and celebrities like heroes but real heroes are members of our military services who keep us free and our police, fire and rescue first responders who keep us safe. They sacrifice it all for us and sometimes suffer in ways we can't understand. RIP Stan Bradford, a genuine THS hero.


08/18/15 08:11 AM #11    

Ginny Brandon (Hubbard)

I sat behind Stan in homeroom all through Junior High and High School (Bradford - Brandon).  He always had a great smile, a wise crack and he always needed a pencil. He is at peace now, but will be missed by many.

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