Debbie Montgomery Stalfort

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Debbie Montgomery
Residing In: Northport, AL USA
Occupation: Nurse/Nurse Practitioner
Children: Charles G. Stalfort, Jr., born February 3, 1982, engaged to Ashley Frost, currently resides in Georgia.

Jennifer More…Julianne Burroughs, born November 11, 1985, married to Dustin Burroughs, has two daughters: Julianna Grace Burroughs in February, 2011, Isabella Blake Burroughs, born June 21, 2014, and Kensley Jade Burroughs, age 12.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I have been employed at DCH Regional Medical Center for 34 years. I specialize in wound care (CWS, Certified Wound Specialist). Hopefully none of you reading this will need my help in this area...LOL!

I graduated from RN school in 1975 from UAB.
Went back to get my Adult Health Nurse Practitioner degree 1994-1996.

I have been married once, to Charles G. Stalfort, Sr. I married in 1977 and divorced in 2001! Most of us are, aren't we or we have been?

I love Jesus Christ and am more and more comfortable just saying it outright as I get older and see His miracles in my life!

I can't wait to see everyone. I graduated with some great people! Susan has done a great job with this reunion....right down to the last detail!

School Story:

Let's see...where do I start with this one?

I'm a little short redhead! I used to have long hair!

I attended numerous elementary schools in the city and county school systems...this causes me to know so many people in Tuscaloosa and Northport. I attended Tuscaloosa Jr. High and Tuscaloosa High School. My parents owned Montgomery's Grocery and Service Station on the Eutaw Highway so I attended Oakdale Elementary too and had the priviledge of knowing Ann Richardson, Anne Price, Debbie Smith, Jerry Voss, Dennis Ingram, Don Pate, Wanda Clark and many others from the early I could tell you a few stories. I can't ever spell Rex's last name right but he tells stories about me always bringing Jolly Ranchers and other candy to school in my little cigar box...remember those? Apparently I was quite popular back in those days...due to my candy...everyone wanted to sit by the kid with the grocery store connection!

In high school, I was always dating some older guy...even one from of those River Rats! The only guy that I dated in our class was Preston VanHorn (while we were in school). Later I dated Mickey Pate and Glenn Roberts from our class and maybe a few more! Mickey and Glenn are still my friends!

At Tuscaloosa Jr. High, I had the biggest crush on Mr. Cash. I bet I wasn't the only one either! I wrote poems about him and he read them in embarrassing!

In high school, I had a 1962 first car.
I was in advanced English...was terrible at math...went to summer school one summer and met Edwin Corder. He died a few years ago. Remember him. He was into all those snakes. He was bitten the first time by a rattlesnake while we were in school and I went to the hospital to take care of him while his arm was in ice. We became great friends. Edwin would always tell you that he did drugs....all kinds. I would walk him to class just to make sure that he could find his way there. That might have been an influence on me attending nursing school later. He later developed a school program with his tiger (Misty Crystal) and snakes and toured schools telling kids how dangerous drugs were..trying to make a difference. I attended church with him at Open Door and he would be on the front row jumping up and down, praising God. Just an example of how someone that is so different than me could touch my life in such an awesome way!

Elizabeth Vaughn (Jacobs) was my best friend in high school and continues to be. I hope to drag her to this reunion! I ate lunch with Teresa Robertson, Lynn Livingston, Glenn Roberts and others our senior year!

My little short self was on the volleyball team! I took two years of Spanish and it has come in handy with some of my patients at DCH....not that I am fluent but I can ask about pain and temperature! LOL! Well, that's important!

I attended UA from 1971 - 1973 in Pre-Nursing and then transferred to UAB.

I finished nursing school at UAB in 1975 and went back to get my Nurse Practitioner in 1996!

Judy Foster (Faulkner), graduate of 1970, hung out with us and we hung out with Robert Cook, Monroe Winters and Lawrence Wise! I was always
"Miss Goody Two Shoes" and I remember that Lawrence would always pick me up and hold me up in the air and make me squeal. He wrote in my year book "I crave your body" and I scratched through it. I would love to have that year book now! Lawrence passed away this past year. He will be missed.

I enjoyed high school and had many friends from all walks of life....hope to see you all at the reunion!

Attending Reunion


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